The soul purpose for my book reviews  are to provide fellow bloggers, and booklovers of all ages, with reviews of books published for children, young adults, and adults. I receive review copies from some publishers. I also get books from my local library. And then there are books that I’ve bought or received as gifts. I do actually review every book that I finish. straight forward, I love to read and I love to discuss. I love helping readers connect with books. I want to help promote reading. I want to introduce books and authors to readers. The site helps me do this. It is also immensely satisfying to blog. It helps me keep track of what I read. It helps me connect with a community of readers. If you are an author or publisher who wants an honest review on my blog and other review sites then please email me or send me your review copy! My information can be found on my Policy/Contact Me page. Thanks everybody and keep reading!