Classic German Baking is filled with 100 recipes of authentic German baking for breads and sweets! We learn what it means to bake like the Germans do and learn what techniques are different from us in America. With recipes like Apple Strudel to chocolate cakes that are to die for and even some healthy recipes as well. This book is the definition of German Baking that everyone will enjoy reading and making these recipes in their own homes!

My closest friend is a German and during the short time she was here in the states, I grew to love the baking that come from that house and even though she is in Germany, I can try to recreate those recipes with this book in hand but I have the feeling it won’t be the same! Just reading this book, made me homesick for what the German baking is like and if any of you have the chance to eat anything German, than you understand what I mean! The only problem I had with this book, is that some of the ingredients maybe hard to find for some people like myself who live in the middle of nowhere but it’s not gonna stop me from trying these recipes!!