Holmes offers truly interesting and entertaining examples as he illustrates many different ways of knowing. So many insights in this book. Each chapter covers a different aspect of knowing. Ideas are clear and well presented. Great balance of explanation and example. An enjoyable, educational, and ultimately useful read!

As Holmes points out, this book has much to offer in this age, “Estimates are that 90 percent of the world’s data has been created in the last five years. We’re drowning in information, a reality that makes even the simplest decisions – where to eat, which health plan to sign up for, which coffee maker to buy – more fraught… Managing uncertainty is fast becoming an essential skill.”
Holmes offers the following summary of his book: “Part 1 will lay the groundwork. We’ll explore the trade-offs inherent in our mental machinery and meet a young psychologist in the Netherlands who is leading a vanguard movement toward a new, unified theory of how we make sense of the world. Part 2 focuses on the hazards of denying ambiguity. We’ll look at the differences between wise and hasty reactions to destabilizing events, watch a master FBI negotiator deal with an ambivalent cult leader, and see how a cancer patient’s comfort with uncertainly is helping change the ways that we make medical decisions. We’ll also learn how one business readies for the future by acknowledging the futility of predicting it… We’ll explore how to handle ambiguity in daily life, especially in stressful situations or those that require an immediate response. When we are under pressure, our urgent search for patterns and our dogmatic approval of ideals can play out with dramatic consequences. Guarding against the pitfalls of the most powerful feelings of uncertainly in our lives means coming to grips with how our minds wrestle with ambiguity under hardship… Part 3 highlights the benefits of ambiguity in settings where we’re more challenged than threatened: innovation, learning, and art. What are the uses of uncertainly? How can teachers better prepare students for unpredictable challenges? Can embracing uncertainty help us invent, look for answers in new places, and even deepen our empathy? We’ll see how a Grand Prix motorcycle manufacturer responded to a surprisingly dismal season, and we’ll get to know a Massachusetts inventor who pushes beyond the hidden limitations of language. We’ll look at the advantages of bilingualism and meet a daring filmmaker in Jerusalem. Along the way, I’ll hope to convince you of a simple claim: in an increasingly complex, unpredictable world, what matters most isn’t IG, willpower, or confidence in what we know. It’s how we deal with what we don’t understand.”

Since, at least at the time of this review, Amazon doesn’t offer a preview of this book, here’s the contents:
Part 1: Making Sense
CH 1 – The Resolving Mind: how sense making works
CH 2 – The Hidden A’s: the secrets of sense making
Part 2: Handling Ambiguity
CH 3 – Shocks and Tremors: the problem with urgency
CH 4 – Fifty Days in Texas: why intentions are misread
CH 5 – Overtested USA: when to resist momentum
CH 6 – The Hemline Hassle: a strategy of ignorance
Part 3: Embracing Uncertainty
CH 7 – Building a Better Ducati: the uses of uncertainty
CH 8 – The Puzzle Man: where to find hidden answers
CH 9 – The Art of Contradiction: what diversity offers

Holmes has so much to offer in this book that can help individuals grow, that can strengthen relationships, and that can help businesses and causes. Highly recommended!