This book is terrific. Now I don’t say that lightly. And this book is certainly not for everyone. But for some of us of a certain age, those of us who have read more books on the Beatles than we care to admit and can discuss their music and lives with a level of passion that would rival an esteemed academic, then this is the book you’ve been waiting for. Mr. Lewisohn has divided their story into three parts, and this first volume brings to the reader a well researched and detailed account of their youth. Even though we all know the story, it is still a fascinating and Mr. Lewisohn brings many fresh voices and perspectives into account giving the reader a true and resonating picture of who these lads were and from where they came. I suggest playing the newly released and remastered BBC collection of the Beatles while you sip a cup of tea and read Tune in. It’s almost as much fun as having been there.