November 2015

Lights Out by Ted Koppel

Lights Out is an eye opening look at the impact a cyber attack could have on America. Koppel speaks with industry leaders and preppers to establish just how unprepared we are to handle a major event. A very thought provoking read about something that few really think about…even the people in positions of power that would be responsible for handling the aftermath.


Tough as they come – Travis Mills

What an amazing story and this young man has an unbelievable will to live! I am a former VA nurse and my daughter is a VA ICU nurse. ITs so hard to comprehend what our Veterans have endured and we can have nothing but the utmost respect for their sacrifices. Travis is an amazing young man who has sacrificed so much for his country through is service. Three tours?! His wife and child are amazing we are so blessed to have such dedicated young men and women in service to their country.

The Marauders – by Tom Cooper

A novel told from five perspectives that takes place after the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. All the main characters are men, In fact, the presence of women in the book are non existent. Some of the principle players include a man sent by an oil company to buy off local fishermen for their losses, a pair of brothers who have a hidden stash of marijuana plants on a secluded island and a one armed man who makes a living looking for fortune with a metal detector. The characters combine to form a wonderful story of violence and mayhem with a Louisiana flair. I really enjoyed this book.

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